Tambay Thursday

Classics’ Tambay Thursday  is a weekly gathering of two-wheel enthusiasts every Thursday at Ropali Classics Store. The Tambay Nights at Ropali Classics serves as a place for hangout and a home to all the bikers. For the last 2 years, Tambay Thursday has created a community of riders sharing their experiences, and journey with their bikes.

Thursday Bike Night


  • Thursday Bike Night is a weekly contest of the best “Bike of the Night” organized by Ropali Classics.
  • This is open to all motorcycle riders who want to join the contest for a particular category.
  • Only up to (5) entries will compete for weekly contest.


How to join?

  • Pre-register your entries by filling-out the registration form provided and submit the requirements
  • Bikers have to bring their motorcycles for display and inspection of the judges.
  • Judges are the riders who registered in Ropali Classics during the Tambay Thursday.
  • Bike Night is done only every Thursday during the Tambay Thursday in Ropali Classics Store.
  • Every week, one (1) bike winner will be selected to compete for “Bike of the Month” edition.
  • Riders have to pick the best motorcycle for the night through voting.
  • Riders will vote by dropping registration stabs in their bike of choice.
  • The bike with highest number of votes will be declared as the winner.
  • Each winner will receive a merchandise items and P2,000 worth of Gift Certificate from Ropali Classics.

Registration Form

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